Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Burning River Wedding: Big Balls and East 4th

Hope you guys are ready for a few more bridal party pics. I swear these are the final ones!

After the theater district, we headed to Quicken Loans Arena, or The Q as the cool kids call it. Actually, I'd like to go old school and call it The Gund, (it was Gund Arena before they SOLD OUT to a corporation). There are these big ball things surrounding the perimeter, and apparently Ted and Rachel thought they'd make for some cool pictures. Seriously, how they see these things is beyond me. That's why they're the pros, I guess :)

Oh and check out a fabulous pic of my hair:

We rallied the troops for a few more group shots...

and then took off for our final location!

Ps, we were still on time. I was elated and silently patting myself on the back. Go me!

The one place I *really* wanted to visit for pictures was the East 4th St. neighborhood. It's probably the cutest area of downtown Cleveland. In fact, we ate dinner there for my bachelorette party! In a really fun coincidence, Josh and I took a few pictures at that same restaurant.

So cute, right? Ted and Rachel wanted us to pose with champagne, but the restaurant only had wine and this was the closest thing they had to champagne flutes. But really, if I hadn't told you would you have known the difference?

I tried to down that glass of wine, but ended up leaving most of it. Very uncharacteristic of me, but we had a timeline to stick to! And of course, more pictures to take. Josh and his boys were up first.

So handsome :) Now the girls and me.

I was trying to do that hunched-over editorial pose...not really pulling it off.

My friends are SO PRETTY!

 See that "Lola" sign above us? Ever heard of Iron Chef Michael Symon
Yeah, that's his restaurant. One of the few awesome things to come out of Cleveland.

And of course, we had to get a shoe shot.

Those Green Devils may look fab, but just wait til you see what they did to my feet. You'll have to wait a few more posts for that story.

As we finished up at East 4th St., it began to hit me that we were under 2 hours from our ceremony start time and, you know, the whole getting married part of this thing. With amped up nerves and aching feet (on both my part and some of the girls', as well), we loaded into the limo and made the short drive to Windows on the River. 

Next Up: Stress during family formals.

Burning River Bride Tip: What I really loved about our photographers is that they were never intrusive. Even though they were with us all day, I never felt like I had a camera shoved in my face. When choosing a photographer, be sure to discuss their approach to photography. Will they be all up in your grill or will they shoot from a distance? I really appreciated the breathing room Ted and Rachel gave us.

All photos by Linczak Photography


  1. Did someone say, Big Balls?!?!?! LOL

    I am just loving every image, hotstuff!! You all look amazing and happy and ready to have the best freaking day ever. i love it!

  2. Those shoes do look sexy as hell, but I can almost sense how painful they may have become as the day went on..

  3. My shoes destroyed my feet. I got out of bed that morning at like 4 a.m. to pee and almost fell over when I tried to put weight on the balls of my feet. I will say though, sexy shoe pics make all the pain seem totally worth it.

  4. You are so gorgeous, it's ridiculous! I love all of your bridal party pictures! And it was a huge deal to me too that our photographer wasn't constantly in our faces. I actually forgot she was there a couple times!

  5. I just love your pictures. You're too pretty! I would have downed that wine too, or at least tried to down it. I'm what you'd call a lush. ;)

  6. Beautiful photos! I really love the group shot where your bridesmaid bouquets just pop!

  7. Sigh...the photo of the Mr. kissing your shoulder/neck is so freakin awesome......

  8. I was thinking the same thing about my photographer today... how I RARELY even saw/heard/felt their presence! I mean when I was being posed yea but not during the ceremony, etc.

    I love love love your colors, as I'm sure you realize. And I think it's kind of fitting that they posed you with WINE!