Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burning River Wedding: More Bridal Party Hottness

When we left off it was raining so we sought refuge in the limo. I was determined to do the rest of our bridal party pictures outside, though, and a little rain was NOT about to ruin my parade.

Ted instructed the driver to take us to Playhouse Square, Cleveland's theater district. I used to intern right down the street from where we took the pictures, which was kind of cute and nostalgic....or something.

All fourteen of us managed to squeeze under this doorway/overhang thing at the B.F. Keith building. It was cozy.

Come to think of it, I think those are the doors I walked through every day to get to my job from the parking garage. Ah, memories. Anyway.

The marquee at Playhouse Square is somewhat iconic so I was excited to take a few pictures under it.

Ha you totally can't tell we're under the marquee in this one. Sorry about that!

Putting on our best "fierce" faces. Except BM Bree...she's all smiles :) 
Also, notice how it says "Diva" above us. Love it.

My girls picked their own dresses/shoes/jewelry and look how truly stunning it turned out.

After these shots, I took individual pictures with every BM and Josh took individual pictures with every GM. Those are boring so I won't show them. But then the boys took some suave looking group shots that I just love.

Our friends were getting a bit...antsy at this point. I'm not sure they were aware of how many pictures we would be taking and the amount of locations. While Ted and Rachel did a FABULOUS job of giving everyone direction, some of them were confused by the whole "act natural" aspect of everything. Well, these are not your mama's wedding photos, kids!

To give everyone a bit of a break, we decided to take a few more bride and groom shots. Again, it was raining so I grabbed Linczak's reflector cover, hiked up my dress, and walked to our next location.

They wanted to hold it over me, but I insisted this would be easier. 
Plus it made for a great shot!

Because doorways are apparently *the* place to take pictures in the rain, we found another and started posing!

One of my absolute faves from the day.
Rachel is behind us w/ a spotlight and you can actually see her arm to the very left of my back.

Next up, we head to our final 2 picture spots! (Yes, we went to 4 locations for our bridal party pictures.)

Burning River Bride Tip: Communicate to your bridal party how the day will go down. Handing them a timeline isn't enough. Get your groom to explain to the boys they might have to suck it up for a few hours and pose for more pictures than they may be used to. The girls will appreciate knowing how much standing is involved when they pick out their footwear.  Most importantly, keep and upbeat attitude. If the bride and groom are having fun, everyone else will (hopefully) follow suit, if for nothing else than to keep the bride from having a b-zilla moment. 

How did your bridal party handle formal pictures?

All photos courtesy of Linczak Photography.


  1. I absolutely love this idea to take bridal party photos all over the city you are getting married in. I am so doing that with Charleston. It's just such a fun way to more incorporate the city you love!
    And lord knows you are the world's most beautiful bride! and, I honestly had SO much fun that day :)

  2. Haha - gotta love the sign that says DIVA right above you! I remember seeing it on Facebook!

  3. I can't believe you got that fierce pic with DIVA above you! And they lighted (lit?) you real well. I think you look flawless and glowing in every picture!

  4. How did I just find your blog? I feel lame now, haha.
    Seriously amazing pictures. I love seeing when brides let their 'maids pick their own dresses, shoes, etc, because that's what I plan to do! Trying to be chill about it and NOT worry about the whole picture beyond the guidelines I set.

  5. Your girls are so gorgeous, no lie. And who doesn't love big balls? They make for awesome pictures. ;)

  6. I just love your pictures. The colors are rich and exactly how I want my own pictures to look. Your photographers were very lucky, you make a fantastic model!

    Also I'm copying that last picture sometime. I have a light like that and I've never thought to use it that way. Beautiful!

  7. I really love the yellow green bouquets. They contrast perfectly with the black dresses.