Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yes, that's me growling. Why, you ask? (At least I assume you're asking. I would.) Well, Blogger and I are in a bit of a tiff.

I'm trying to finish these gosh darn recaps, but apparently I've run out of space for photos. The problem is the size of my pro-pics are HUGE. Like, really REALLY huge. Even scaling them down doesn't work (I've tried.) I can upload pictures that I took from my rinky-dink point-and-shoot, but nothing from Linczak. Google told me I could buy more space, but that hasn't seemed to work either (I bought the extra space for $5 but it's still not enough apparently.) A friend of mine suggested hosting them on Flickr, but that just seems like way to much work and I don't really want to do it that way.

So. Where does that leave me? I have a few options:

1. You lovely people give me ideas on how to solve this issue.
2. I pick up recaps over on my new newlywed/lifestyle blog, A Leap Begins. You didn't know I had a new blog? Well get on over there and catch up!

What do you think? Have any of you Blogger users encountered this problem? Do you think recapping over there would muddle things too much? Uuuggghhh HALP MEEE! This is frustrating :(

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who offered advice! Laura helped me figure out how to use the pictures I uploaded to Facebook on here, so recaps will remain on Burning River Bride :)


  1. That is so weird, I know I would be really frustrated too. I wonder if it's just not recognizing how much space you have, now that you upgraded your Google account? I have an upgraded account too, and have never had a problem. One thing you might want to check is your Picasa albums that you're uploading to (blogger automatically uploads them when you add pictures in a post, or you can upload them straight to picasa and then insert the link in your post). But either way, there is a 1,000 image max per album in picasa. Maybe you could try starting a new album and see if that works? I know I'm on about my 3rd or 4th album for just the blog, but for mine it's automatically just started a new one when one gets to 1,000 images. All of my wedding photos are around 6-9mb each, and I've had no problem with uploading them at that size.

    I hope you figure out a way to fix this! I really want to see more of your gorgeous pics!

  2. I'm just saying but they have a vendetta against you. Easy as that.

    On another note, my photog gave me 2 versions of every photo a web one and a full one. GENIUS!

  3. That's lame -- I just linked everything from my Facebook. I would say finish them here but what I did was put them all on my new blog because people of course want to finish your recaps and it forces people over to you new blog... the first few posts you can do on this blog but only the first paragraph and picture and then do a READ MORE link which will link to your NEW BLOG. Forces people to make the switch and then after doing that a few times you'll be set on your new blog.

  4. How frustrating! I'm a fairly new blogger so unfortunately, I have no recommendations... but I will head over to your new blog and start following that!

  5. I highly, highly recommend flickr. Love it, and if you get the pro account you get unlimited space. Found you through Layla, btw!

  6. I am so glad that you got it figured out! YAY more recaps!