Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Burning River Wedding: Manly Things

Word on the street was Josh had a long night and a bit of a rough morning. We're so compatible. Luckily it wasn't anything a good breakfast couldn't fix.

I have no idea what shenanigans the boys got themselves into that morning, if any, but I guess I don't really want to know. Unfortunately, we have zero photos of all the boys getting ready or hanging out in the room. This makes Josh and I a bit sad as that is part of the reason we loved the idea of a husband and wife photography team. Oh well, they can't capture everything I guess. Ted did get some artsy shots of Josh getting ready, though!

Apparently he also took some shots of Josh in a closet?

And of course, a few traditional portraits.

In the card I wrote him to go along with his wedding present I specifically asked him to open the gift in private with Ted. I really didn't want the rest of the boys knowing what I did for him. What did I get him? Well, I never talked about it on here, but it rhymes with shmudoir shmotos. Sorry folks, but you don't get to see them. If you're really interested give me your email and I'll send you a link to the blog post ;)

Anyway, it was great to see how he reacted upon seeing the album of risque photos.

I think he approves!

Ted did snag a few pics of Josh and his boys chillin' before heading out to do our first look.

Good times had by all :)

One more artsy pic. This one goes out to my friend, Laura. She has an obsession.

We have a crap-ton of these shots but none of the boys getting ready. 
Kinda sad about it.

Burning River Bride Tip: Boys are boring...don't blog about what they did the morning of your wedding because they probably just sat around.

This was the most boring post of my recaps...I promise to be back next time with something MUCH more exciting...our First Look!

All photos courtesy of Linczak Photography


  1. THE BUCKLLLLEEEEE! Hahahha... love it, still :)

    Oh and I will be the first to say... her shmordoir smotos (sp? lol) were HOT!

  2. You photog did such a great job, I love these pics!! I thought about doing the boudior photos but I didn't want him to have to walk out with a big boner right before the ceremony! haha. Actually I thought of doing that for our 1 year anniversary, though that would require me to get back into shape and shit.

  3. Hahaha, I heart you. And Josh looked so good! We don't have any pictures of the guys (even David) getting ready either. I love that you got pictures of him opening your gift. I waited until our wedding night to give David my book of 'shmudoir shmotos' but I didn't think to get a picture of his face!

  4. Dang, your guy cleans up good, and I really like the groomsmen ties! I love that you both have those awesome shots of you reflecting in the table top!

  5. Hubby looks oh so handsome! I love the photos of his reaction to the photos - so cute!

  6. B threw a fit the week of the wedding since I had scheduled them to get "getting ready" pictures.

    He hates photos.

    That being said, I LOVE the guy pics (and the detail ones too) and was sad he put a damper on a lot of ours.

    PS your hubs looks so much like one of my guy friends here!!!!