Monday, September 27, 2010

Burning River Wedding: First Look

Hi. If you look out your window I do believe you will see pigs flying. Also, I'm hearing Hell is in the middle of a serious ice storm.

Yes friends, I'm writing a wedding recap. I have no excuse for my unplanned hiatus, only that my last recap bored me to tears and I think I needed a break from my wedding. BUT! I'm back. And I promise not to leave again. So...onward with the Burning River Recaps!

The emotions I felt in the minutes leading up to our first look were...intense. Rachel and I left the hotel room a few minutes before noon (again, totally on schedule. You have no idea how happy I am to gloat about that.) She gave me a quick overview of how the first look would go down, and of course, all I heard was "laksjdfiaw ejriwjfasjdflks jdfsj dfm." I was SO nervous that she had to explain it to me about 3 times.

Ted was already in place with Josh (benefit of 2 shooters) outside of the hotel. Luckily the rain had ended (for NOW) so we were set for some beautiful natural light pictures. Rachel and I walked outside and there he stood, about 50 yards away.

Cue ridiculous nerves. I kept asking Rachel, "So I just...start walking? Like, without you? But, where are you going to be? You mean I have to go alone?" I may have thrown up. I can't really remember. But off I went!

At this point I had a brilliant idea. First, play to the camera. I'm a ham in every sense of the word so I figured might as well play this one up. Next, GRAB HIS BUTT! I am *always* grabbing Josh's ass. I figured this would be a really cute and very "me" way of doing things.

I can't remember what was said, but I'm pretty sure I asked him if he liked my dress about 50 times. It KILLED me not to show it to him for 15 damn months, so I really hoped he would like it. I think he approved.

Surprisingly, there weren't many tears during the first look. I think I teared up a bit, but for me, the ceremony was 1000% more emotional. Mostly I just wanted to tell Josh about my hellacious night/morning and catch up with what he'd been doing since I left him at Howl at the Moon. It was nice to chat just the two of us before the insanity continued.
We met back up with Ted and Rachel to take a few bride and groom portraits outside. I could probably show you about 15 photos, but I'll refrain and only show you the best of the best.

And my literal absolute fave (probably top 10 of the day):

Thank you, Ted and Rachel, for making me so hot. We then headed inside for a few more quick shots. I'll try to limit these, too. Sorry it's just so hard!

We refer to these as the Green Devils. I'll explain later.

I mean, do we love the back of my dress, or do we LOVE the back of my dress?

What I love so much about Ted and Rachel is that they really know how to pose couples (and bridal parties, which you'll see in a bit.) I don't feel like any of our pictures are cheesy or forced (except some of the family formals which I'll explain when the time comes.) 

With the bridal party already in the limo and these photos out of the way, we were off to our first location with everyone in tow!

Burning River Bride Tip: Do a damn first look. Trust me, just do it. We mostly did it for logistical reasons, but I swear to you it did not take away one BIT of emotion from the ceremony. If anything, it added emotion. I can't explain it, but I think others who've done a first look probably understand what I'm trying to convey.
Are you doing a first look? If you're already married, did you do one? Why/why not?

All photos by Linczak Photography.


  1. 1) You are so hot. Like look at that back. LOVE LOVE LOVE it

    2) DO A FIRST LOOK! COME ON PEOPLE JUST DO IT. And yes, I think it made the entire process MORE emotional because it was about us entering into an equal bond, a marriage between two people totally in love. But you know all about me and tradition... so whatevs


  2. I've said this 432458840 times, but your first look is one of my absolute favs! It's so you and SO freakin cute! I love it!

    And all of your pictures are gorgeous. The one that's in your top 10 is totally my fav!!

  3. One word: hawt. AND i LOVE those green shoes.

  4. That dress is GORGEOUS! You looked ah-mazing!

    No first look here, I guess we just wanted to go with the whole "see each other for the first time that day at the altar" tradition. I liked the idea of mystery up until the last minute, but we definitely missed out on some awesome picture opportunities!

  5. You, my dear, are absolutely gorgeous! Love these pics!

  6. You look amazing! You are your hubby are so photogenic. My fiance and I are definitely doing a first look and I'm excited about it :)

  7. First off, you look fantastic and I have loved looking at all your pics and reading your recaps!

    Second.. my FH and I will definitely be doing a first look. It's more for the fact that we want to get the majority of the pictures out of the way before the ceremony so we can actually enjoy cocktail hour (since really, it's usually the best part!). After seeing your pics, as well as so many others, it just looks so sweet and romantic.. definitely in favor of it!!

  8. I didn't do a first look, hubs insisted against it but wish we had. Our total time from ceremony start to end of reception was five hours. So, not much time for pics!

    You are one sexy momma! All your pics turned out great. Can't wait to read more.

  9. Ack so good!! The back of your dress is amazing...and love the green shoes!

    I liked out first look...but it was sorta awkward! Like the nerves of it...mostly I just wanted to run up and punch lance in the butt...cause that's usually how I say Hi to him..but I thought with all the randoms watching it would look a bit odd ;)
    So we hugged...awkwardly...and no tears! But I would still highly recommend doing one. I cried my eyes out walking down the aisle and during our yeah def didn't take away any emotion there!

  10. I didn't do one! I've read where a lot of people do... but it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding... I stuck to that philosophy.

  11. Haha LOVE the butt grab--that is so me and Brad, too. We are not doing a first look because I am uber-traditional and superstitious in that sense (but you know that, haha!).

    Seriously, you guys look hot. :)

  12. Just clarifying: It is not bad luck to see each other. Traditions like that fall back to the fact that brides weren't involved in the marriage decisions or even had a choice on who they were to marry. Sometimes it was literally a surprise.

    So, I think it is 100% totally awesome that you two did what made YOU TWO HAPPY. Because that's all that matters.

  13. Dear lord you are gorgeous! And your photos are amazing - both funny and sweet. And smoking hot (because yes, the back of your dress is ah.mazing.) :)

  14. Beautiful! I'm so looking forward to our first look. I think it will help us both be less over-the-top emotional during the actual ceremony. Plus, I want pictures like those! haha

  15. gawd you were so damn hot em, so. damn. hot.

  16. I must admit I'm usually not a fan of first look pictures but these are really really good! And you look AMAZING in that dress! Seriously jealous over here!

    We didn't do a first look and for me I'm glad. I always envisioned us seeing each other for the first time at the ends of the aisle. He was very teary and I couldn't stop smiling. It was great. I think if we had seen each other beforehand I would have been so stressed out and nervous over the potential rain that was coming I wouldn't have enjoyed it, by the time the ceremony came, there was nothing left to worry about so I could just enjoy that moment.

  17. I'm a big fan of the butt grab. Just saying. I probably would have done the same thing IF our first look was actually set up properly...and we actually managed to get more than 2 photos of it... guys look so incredibly awesome/gorgeous/amazing/etc etc etc!

  18. Great recap!

    I also agree that people should just do a first look. It was a decision that I am glad I made for my wedding. It was a special moment for the hubby and I...and it absolutely didn't take anything away from the ceremony! Just do one people! :)

  19. I love your first look! The ass-grab is phenomenal. And I got nervous about mine too. Which is ridiculous because like, hello this person is marrying you. But something about it is nerve-wracking!