Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Announcement

I'm NOT pregnant, so just get that thought out of your silly little heads. 

A few of you know this already, but I think it's time to finally spill the beans on here.

I started a new blog! It's called A Leap Begins and while still in infancy, but I'm very excited about what's to come.

But fear not, loyal Burning River Bride readers! I'm still doing recaps on here and promise not to neglect this blog. However, once I finish recaps here I'll begin posting exclusively on the new blog.

I hope you'll join me over at A Leap Begins (be sure become a follower and add me to your reader!) and follow along with my post-wedding life. And to all my still-engaged girls, yes, there IS life after the wedding! It's actually pretty great :)


  1. I've got it in my reader, I'm so glad you're continuing to blog!

  2. I'll be following the new blog too!