Friday, February 19, 2010

If music be the food of love, play on

Just a little Shakespeare to start off this post!

Choosing our ceremony music (and actually, all of the wedding music in general) hasn't been an easy task. Josh and I are huge music lovers. This is one of those times where we feel a great need to get it *right* ("need" in the sense of how important it is to us, not in the sense of living up to anyone's standards). As far as the ceremony goes, we've come up with ideas for the pre-ceremony music, the wedding party entrance, and my entrance. All that leaves is our recessional which I think I'm going to keep a surprise. Although they may not comment, I know I have some wedding guests who read this blog :::waves hello::: and I'd like to keep some suspense!

As our guests are being seated we'd like to play a variety of Vitamin String Quartet songs. Please tell me you've heard of VSQ. From their YouTube channel: "The String Quartet Tribute is a series of string quartet tribute albums, released by Vitamin Records and performed by several different groups of musicians." I love how they are able to take random songs (they do it all, from Kanye to Coldplay) and transform them into something unexpectedly beautiful. To give you an idea of the music they produce and the style we're trying to achieve for the ceremony, here is the link to their rendition of Taylor Swift's "Love Story." (Overplayed? Yuh. But this version is just so pretty.) Apparently they don't allow video sharing from YouTube. LAME. What we'll probably do is tell our DJ our idea and let him have some fun with it.

The Bridal Party (I go between calling them Bridal Party and Wedding Party. Which is right?) will enter to a gorgeous song by Patti Griffin titled "Heavenly Day." I first heard Patti Griffin on an episode of Grey's Anatomy and I loved her voice so much I knew I had to hear more. That led me to listen to a 30 second clip of "Heavenly Day" on iTunes which led me to instantly know I had to use this song on my wedding day. I think it's the perfect song for the occasion. (And I'm in good company with that thought. Mrs. Cowboy Boot over on Weddingbee incorporated this song into her ceremony, too!)

And what song will *I* walk down the aisle to? Why, Michael Buble, "Crazy Love" of course! I'm usually not this cheesy, I swear (actually that's a lie...I'm often cheesy but I desperately want to be the cool kid). Michael doesn't want you to see this video on my blog (I bet he teamed up with VSQ...bastard) so here is the link to the video on YouTube. My advice is to do something in another tab and just listen to the song, not watch the video. I love his voice/music, but I cannot STAND his mannerisms.

As I said before, our recessional will remain a surprise (read: we haven't thought of anything yet). I'd love to do something super upbeat and dance my lil ass back up that aisle.

Tell me your music selections in the comments! Did you have any easy or hard time choosing your music?


  1. This is becoming a nightmare task for us, and it seems like we keep putting it off! We have yet to pick a dance song. But rumor has it that we should be singing the birthday song over here! Happy Bday! :D

  2. I want "Dawn" from Pride and Prejudice for me, and I let my maids of honor pick their processional music (my decision making abilities are rapidly failing!). My friend Ryan is playing everything on the violin, so I need to hear how they sound on just the violin.

    I love Crazy Love, that is a such a unique/cool choice!

  3. Ahhhh I can't believe you picked that song! It is on my short list too...hmmm thwarted again!

    But, I absolutely love it ;)