Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Take a look at that picture up there. Let's dissect it real quick:

-It's a countdown
-It's counting down the "Days Until Our Wedding"
-There are 100 days left

I think that last line bears repeating, this time with a little more "oomph":


Felt good to get that out.

Girls, while much has been done there is still much MORE to be done. Decisions to be made, logistics to organize, and uh...invitations to assemble!! I know the blog has been kind of dormant for the past week-ish, but I really hope to change that from now until the wedding. I need to get my ass back on the wagon!! 

So for the girls at 100 days or less: what are the TOP things I need to concern myself with right now?


  1. Holy crap that means I have 100 too!! I didn't realize it was coming so quickly =]

  2. Wooohoo 100 days! It's getting closer!

  3. I passed 100 days last week - it's exciting!! Right now, I'm just trying to work on some DIY stuff to get out of the way...and invitations of course :)

  4. Ahh! So exciting! I realized last night I have 122 and I have a minor freak out. It's coming so quickly!

  5. How exciting! I have about 115 days to go! For me, it’s all about the guest details right now. Invitations, plans for place cards, welcome bags, favors, etc. But I can’t do most of those things until I have an accurate head count.

  6. Ahhhh how freakin exciting!!!!

  7. I remember 100 days...and now I'm at 65! Good God! Oh my...I can't even think straight! I sent out my invites and have been focusing mostly on planning meetings with my vendors this week to finalize wedding day timelines and schedules. I also had my walk through at the venue with my caterer and coordinator to go over logistics. And of course, we started alterations. And now as the RSVP's come in, I'll be handling assembling of favors, programs, etc. I am getting overwhelmed just writing about it :(