Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Momma P to the rescue!

*Note, in high school my friends started calling my mom Momma P. It stuck. She now refers to herself (in the 3rd person) as Momma P. Love her.

One thing I did not want to worry about for this wedding was flower girl baskets and the ring bearer pillow. But lo and behold, I did worry. Most of what I saw was just straight up ugly and generic and not my style at all.

But then, fate intervened. (Ok, it probably wasn't exactly fate.) The beautiful Miss Jellyfish over at Weddingbee wrote a post that inspired me to finally figure out what the flower girls and ring bearer would carry.

I grabbed inspiration from Etsy shop Creations of Love 4 Brides, specifically these photos:

Not bad, right? Unfortunately, I lack a sewing/DIY gene. It's not fair (although I'm told life isn't fair either, and I just can't seem to accept that). Well, my awesome mom came to the rescue and created something even BETTER! She's got mad DIY skills. Lucky for me, she loves me and offered to make 2 flower girl baskets and a ring bearer pillow!

For the flower girl baskets my mom thought that instead of reinventing the wheel, we should just start with a store-bought generic basket. So, we began with this:

Not my style...at all.

And ended up with this:

So much better.

I love it!  My mom removed the side bows as well as the little pearls that were just sewn onto the basket. Some black ribbon, a green flower, and a rhinestone button later and voila! Super cute flower girl basket.

As for the ring bearer pillow, Mom's rock star DIY skills came through again:

The ring bearer pillow with the 2 flower girl baskets. 
Did I really need to explain that in a caption? 
Probably not.

Yay! She still has to attach some ribbon around the rhinestone button so we can put the rings on it. Actually, that reminds me. Should I attach the real rings or fake ones? Our ring bearer (my little brother) is 4. What did/would you do?

So basically, my mom is amazing. Oh, and that's not all she did, oh no. Juuuust you wait, my pretty lil blog friends.

But for real, what should I do about the ring conundrum?


  1. Oh my those are awesome...I may be stealing that idea...kthanks :) Also I definitely would not attach the real rings...no way. Just too risky. Honestly, most brides I know don't even put any rings on there. They just carry the pillow for looks.

  2. Awesome--they look great!! :)

    I say, go with fake rings...never trust the little ones with the real thing is the rule of thumb, I've heard.

  3. Your mom is genius! Love em! I vote go for fake. I would worry about them getting dropped or lost or something

  4. GORGEOUS!!! Your mom rocked those out! I love the colors.

  5. Found you while I was blog hopping.

    My ring bearer was my 8 year old brother... but I wasn't about to put that $xxxx in his hands. We just each held onto each other's rings, and tied fake rings to the pillow.