Monday, August 17, 2009

My Flower Girls Are Cuter Than Your Flower Girls

OK, I have no idea if that is true. It probably isn't, but I adore my flower girls. They are the granddaughters of my mom's best friend. Flower Girl V is 5 (soon to be 6) and Flower Girl A is 3. Here is a picture from just last night of BRG and our beautiful girls.

A is the blond, V is the brunette. Believe it or not, they are sisters who look nothing alike! They have the best personalities, though, and are two of the smartest and wittiest young girls I've ever met. I know they will make amazing flower girls. Although I'm a bit nervous that A will have some trouble getting down the aisle. She can be a bit...stubborn.

Their Nana, Jenna (also my mom's BFF) is making their dresses! She is a wonderful sewer and we are SO happy to have her make these dresses. We're all together on vacation in the Outer Banks right now, so it was a perfect time to talk with everyone about these dresses. I made a Power Point filled with dress ideas, as well as pictures of my dress and BM dress ideas. Yes, I'm very OCD.

After going through all of the pictures, we came to the conclusion that this dress is the favorite.


It is a Watters dress that I found via The sash will be black, and the bottom pleats will be white like the rest of the dress. I just think this is so cute! It's definitely a party dress and they should be able to move freely in it. I'm also thinking about getting them headbands like this:

(Source for all headbands)

I know that headbands can hurt, but we won't be asking them to wear them for long. Our ceremony should only last 30 minutes, and we'll try to get their pictures out of the way before the ceremony.

The one thing I'm stumped about are shoes. All of the pictures that I bookmarked show shoe-less flower girls! Clearly, they won't be going barefoot, so I need to figure that out. Our ceremony is inside at the end of May. It's Cleveland, so this could mean 80 degree weather or 40 degree weather. I would love for them to wear some kind of black patent leather Mary Jane, similar to these:

But then do they wear tights? Socks? Nothing? I'm kind of at a loss. So I ask you, dear readers. What did your flower girls wear on their feet?


  1. I LOVE that Watter's dress! It's simple but dressy and they can def rewear them.
    I say go with the black MJs that you want and have tights as backups in case it is cool out.
    Or maybe black ballet flats? Those would be cute w/o socks and with socks. I've been eyeing up these really cute ballet flats from Jcrew for the FGs. On sale they're not so bad.
    P.S. Your FGs are super cute! =) Now...I don't know if they are cuter than mine! =P j/k

  2. Hey, just jumped over here from WeddingBee to check out your blog. (Ms. Guava-tini) I am actually getting Watters dresses made for my girls, and custom on the skirt portion from - I dealt with Alice (all the way from China) the dresses are like $45-$75 a piece. Ill post pictures once mine come in hopefully in two weeks - but they have the Watters style flowergirl dresses for less and you can ask them to customize in case you are on a budget. I paid $130 for two with shipping and all however it takes about a month and a half to get. Not too mention, Alice will email you real picture shots of the fabrics via email so you can see them rather than the swatch chart they have online. Good Luck but I thought this might help since I saw your budget post ( I have the same budget, in Miami!!!!!!) :)